Captain America Red Menace By Ed Brubaker -

captain america vol 1 winter soldier ultimate - the winter soldier was the first part of a trilogy by ed brubaker at the heart of the story is russian businessman alexander lukin the red skull captain america sharon carter and bucky barnes the winter soldier, captain america omnibus vol 1 hardcover amazon com - i love the art work of steve epting and ed brubaker s captain america is one of the best renditions of the character so far but since i m specifically reviewing this collection of the captain america comic let s stick to that, valkyrie brunnhilde defenders member marvunapp com - felicia defenders i 36 felicia an inmate at a women s prison ridiculed and prodded new inmate valkyrie and others including shirley, rogues gallery tv tropes - the rogues gallery is the cast of colorful and numerous recurring characters that show up to torment the heroes week after week having only a single antagonist can work but as a series goes on it can become boring