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a guide to the reptiles of southern africa johan marais - drawing on the latest scientific research the authors introduce the book with a discussion of reptile identification diversity biology distribution patterns and where to find and observe them as well as unraveling the facts and fallacies of snakebites, field guide to the snakes and other reptiles of southern - completely revised 3rd edition of branch s exceptional and bestselling field guide to the reptiles of southern africa including the countries of zimbabwe mozambique namibia and botswana as well as south africa, southern tree agama reptiles africa - vital statistics name southern tree agama black necked agama or blue throated agama acanthocercus atricollis class reptilia order squamata family agamidae subspecies there are possibly up to 6 races but all poorly defined, african reptiles guide kruger national park - vine snake african reptiles guide information southern vine snake twig snake bird snake thelotornis capensis capensis this extremely thin snake has a lance shaped head and large eyes with keyhole shaped pupils, reptiles the beautiful and the deadly activity guide - reptiles the beautiful and the deadly activity guide dear educator thank you for requesting our reptiles the beautiful and the deadly activity guide i hope you and your students find it both fun and informative, reptiles and amphibians of coastal southern california - these are the native and well established alien herps that inhabit coastal southern california which for our purposes includes the transverse and peninsular mountain ranges and the land interior to the sea including the santa monica mountains the san gabriel mountains the san bernardino mountains the san jacinto mountains and the santa ana mountains, exhibits virginia zoo in norfolk - african bullfrog scientific name pyxicephalus adspersus found in southern africa drier savannas size adult males can reach 9 inches in length and weigh up to 2 pounds while females can reach 4 inches in length and weigh up to 1 pound diet carnivore diet consists of any animal it can overpower including frogs reptiles small mammals small birds and other african bullfrogs, books pricelist poison dart frog - amphibians of costa rica a field guide leenders t ithaca 2017 this book is the first in depth field guide of all 206 amphibian species known to occur in costa rica