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anatomy physiology the unity of form and function - master the story of anatomy physiology with saladin s anatomy physiology the unity of form and function saladin s a p helps students make connections by telling a story that will intrigue engage and inspire them, organ biology encyclopedia body function system - bibliography saladin kenneth s anatomy and physiology the unity of form and function new york wcb mcgraw hill 1998, arbor vitae anatomy wikipedia - the arbor vitae r b r v a t i latin for tree of life is the cerebellar white matter so called for its branched tree like appearance in some ways it more resembles a fern and is present in both cerebellar hemispheres it brings sensory and motor information to and from the cerebellum the arbor vitae is located deep in the cerebellum, golden ratio spiral the breath of brahma weare1 us - there is a profound body of scientific evidence that points to the fact that the universe is a single harmonious system a key to understanding this unity is found in an aspect of natural law known variously as the divine proportion golden section golden ratio or golden spiral