Apple Watch Needs Iphone -

how to use your apple watch without your iphone nearby - when your iphone is off or out of range your apple watch can use wi fi networks when you connect to one of these wi fi networks appears in control center you can still do these things, can the apple watch work without an iphone techradar - apple wallet is on the apple watch so anything already stored in it airplane boarding passes electronic tickets and anything else scannable should work just fine without your iphone, here s what you can do on the apple watch without your - in the apple watch music app you need to force press and select source as apple watch once that awkward step is done music plays just like on an ipod, set up your apple watch apple support - apple watch series 3 gps or earlier is compatible with iphone 5s or later you also need to complete these steps on your iphone go to settings bluetooth and make sure that bluetooth is on, everything the apple watch can do without an iphone imore - whether you own a series 0 series 1 series 2 apple watch or series 3 apple watch you ll need an iphone to set it up and use most of its core features but even so apple s wearables are powerful little machines in their own right if you leave your iphone at home you ll still be able to do quite a lot, what can your apple watch do without your iphone - the apple watch relies on the iphone for a lot of tasks but not everything take it for a run pump some tunes and buy a smoothie at whole foods no iphone required, apple watch faq everything you need to know macworld - good news you do need an iphone to pair with your apple watch but it doesn t have to be the iphone 6s iphone 6s plus or iphone se an iphone 5 5s or 5c will work just fine, here s what you need to know about the new apple watch - the apple watch no longer relies on an iphone for connectivity starting with the apple watch series 3 users will have the option to pay an additional fee per month to a wireless carrier for lte, apple watch 3 won t need to be linked to iphone to make - the apple watch will not require tethering to an iphone for key functions like calls messaging and streaming music, needs wants and the apple watch techrepublic - so the real question for the apple watch s long term prospects then is whether the apple watch is more like the ipad or the iphone only one of those is a long term winning bet, apple watch everything you need to know gizmodo - the apple watch only works with iphone duh but it s not just for the new ones the apple watch is compatible with everything iphone 5 and up and since the apple watch also has nfc that s a, apple watch 3 review not yet freedom from your phone time - the apple watch series 3 is a step forward for apple s smartwatch but many apps still don t work without a phone nearby review apple s new watch only partly frees you from your iphone, apple watch series 3 doesn t need an iphone nearby here - the latest apple watch will be the first to cut the cord so to speak with the iphone the apple watch series 3 boasts built in cellular meaning users can make and receive calls from their, what is the apple watch connection distance to iphone - most apps will need a connected iphone to work as much of the processing for the apps is handled by the iphone and then sends the result to apple watch via bluetooth apple does this to preserve the apple watch battery life