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highway of tears murders wikipedia - the highway of tears is a series of murders and disappearances of mainly indigenous women along a 720 kilometre 450 mi section of highway 16 between prince george and prince rupert british columbia canada from 1969 until present numerous municipalities and 23 first nations communities border the highway of tears the rural region is plagued with poverty and lacks public transportation, police and prosecutorial misconduct truth in justice - on october 27 2008 alaska senator ted stevens a pillar of the senate for 40 years was convicted of a seven felony string of corruption charges found guilty of accepting a bonanza of home renovations and fancy trimmings from an oil executive and then lying about it the conviction came just in time to cost him re election, richard eugene hickock murderpedia the encyclopedia of - richard dick eugene hickock june 6 1931 april 14 1965 was one of two ex convicts who murdered the four members of the clutter family in holcomb kansas on 14 november 1959 a crime made famous by truman capote in his 1966 non fiction novel in cold blood together with perry smith hickock launched an invasion of the clutter farmhouse mistakenly believing that a large amount of, adam michael lack iowa cold cases - adam lack 33 was killed july 13 2008 after being lured from his family s mitchell county iowa home by one of many bullying upstream polluting farmers, about the 1963 birmingham bombing english illinois edu - birmingham alabama and the civil rights movement in 1963 the 16th street baptist church bombing the sixteenth street baptist church in birmingham was used as a meeting place for civil rights leaders such as martin luther king ralph david abernathy and fred shutterworth, korean movie reviews for 2010 koreanfilm org - the fair love hyung man ahn sung ki is a man in his 50s who leads a lonely ordered life he runs a small camera repair shop and his mastery of this intricate skill draws customers from across the city