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the millennial reading list 17 books every 20 something must - if you re thinking about buying a book for your favourite 20 something or you re a millennial looking for a good read we ve got some ideas for you we checked with the experts and compiled a collection of books that are educational motivational and inspiring, a 20 something s list of books read so far - just a quick list of the majority of the books i have had the pleasure usually of reading so far, 15 best self development books for anxiety michael gregory - the self development books for anxiety listed below each point at anxiety from a different perspective and way to conquer it some might pertain to you as the rest don t browse through them and if you feel like there s something beneficial you can obtain from it always keep it as a personal resource, movies to watch in your 20s must see films for twenty - here are 20 movies to watch in your 20s that might help you figure things out if just a little bit these are must see movies for twenty somethings some of the films on this list are neat and tidy life lessons, 5 best podcasts every 20 something should listen to - kind of like books i really like podcasts because they let you see the perspective of someone else and almost always teach you something big bonus they re all freeeeeee while i probably learn a bit more from ted radio hour than i do from the ladygang podcast it s a different kind of learning haha, five self help books that actually helped raptitude com - self help books that changed my life probably john bradshaw s books on the inner child emotional intelligence and emotional alchemy and branden s the six pillars of self esteem has a ludicrous title but the content is quite valuable, top budgeting resources for 20 somethings apartmentguide com - an added bonus is its helpful mobile apps for on the go 20 somethings 20 something finance from significant debt after graduation and zero savings to saving more than 85 percent of his income g e miller helps you gain financial independence with his blog, 20 unexpected books for your reading group post bookpage - 20 unexpected books for your reading group posted by eliza on march 20 2012 reading for your book club and socializing with your group members is a lot of fun but sometimes it can be tricky to find a book that no one has read yet and everyone will enjoy, self improvement books for men 7 must reads charisma on - self improvement books for men are the ones most guys get defensive about most guys protect their egos by refusing to accept they might have something to learn about girls or sex or making a living it s easier to put on the blinders than to admit deficiencies and begin the hard journey, personal finance blog 20somethingfinance com - personal finance blog articles tips for young professionals the young at heart