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plot summary a writer seated at the best restaurant of the space habitat golden rule is approached by a man who urges him that tolliver must die and is himself shot before the writer s eyes the writer colonel colin campbell living under a number of aliases including his pen name richard ames is joined by a beautiful and sophisticated lady gwendolyn novak who helps him flee to, alien landing do not get on the spaceships they are - get on the alien spaceships yes or no the nordics are extremely evil back in 2000 on page 178 of the mars records we showed that nordics were involved in the abduction from a hotel in missouri and subsequent mind control of michael relfe they were working with the evil reptilians, jstor viewing subject sociology - jstor is a digital library of academic journals books and primary sources, horror a c critical condition - abby 1974 while in africa on an archaeological dig dr garnet williams william marshall finds a wooden vessel in a cave and opens it unleashing the ancient demon eshu the demon god of sexuality among other nasty things meanwhile in louisville kentucky williams preacher son emmett terry carter brother on the run 1973 his wife abby carol speed disco godfather 1979 and, eureka series tv tropes - 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a group of inmates on work duty in new port richey florida came to the rescue of a father who accidentally locked his keys and his 1 year old baby