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palace theatre new york city wikipedia - the palace theatre is a broadway theatre located at 1564 broadway at west 47th street in midtown manhattan new york city from 1913 through about 1929 the palace attained legendary status among vaudeville performers as the flagship of the keith albee organization and the most desired booking in the country with 1 610 seats as of 2018 spread over three levels it is one of the largest, 43rd street a new york songline - pier 83 this is where the circle line tours start boat trips that circumnavigate manhattan it sounds like fun but if you want to see manhattan from a boat the staten island ferry is a heck of a lot cheaper, 8th avenue new york songlines - west new york historical society 170 block new york s first museum it was founded in 1804 because in its founders words without the aid of original records and authentic documents they declared history will be nothing more than a well combined series of ingenious conjectures and amusing fables gouverneur morris dewitt clinton albert gallatin and hamilton fish were, new york scrapers post modernism i - as a counter force to the at times monotonous and anonymous image of the international style there was an interest in restoring the status of old architectural styles and combining them with the new ideas to create a more versatile visual form of easily distinguishable buildings that also give the client company a symbolic architectural identity, new york scrapers international style ii - was built in 1966 for the new york university the housing development consists of three 32 storey apartment towers two of which are for university s faculty housing the silver towers nos 100 and 110 bleecker street and one to accommodate middle income families, greenpoint brooklyn forgotten new york - forgotten new york was the first ever recipient of outstanding new york city website by the guides association of new york city in march 2015, prince of broadway official site - harold prince is a legend in the american theatre the acclaimed director and producer behind a long list of america s most iconic musicals and the winner of a staggering record breaking 21 tony awards, metropolitan opera orchestra principal musicians - conductors of the metropolitan opera 1885 1897 anton seidl principal conductor of the german repertory anton seidl 1850 1898 was a hungarian operatic conductor born in budapest may 7 1850 seidl studied at the leipzig conservatory from october 1870 1872, broadway theaters in new york city discount theater - the forty venues listed below are recognized by virtue of location size and history as broadway theaters in new york city most broadway theaters are in midtown manhattan on the west side between 41st and 54th streets