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auto to manual swap guide bimmerforums com - quite simply with the car values as they sit and the increased number of manuals floating around it is not worth it to do a manual swap on an e39 all told a swap in an e39 takes more than triple the time it does on an e34 or e28 because of the electronics even though mechanically it is the same procedure, 1999 528i difficulty of auto to manual swap - the fact of the matter is that it s cheaper to buy a 97 or 98 manual 528i than it is to convert an existing automatic there are plenty of 97s out there for 4000 or so and no it s not a simple job it requires advanced mechanical skills and a ton of parts, e39 automatic to manual swap bmw reddit com - i have an e39 a 1999 bmw 528i to be exact model and year what would your guys opinions be for swapping in a m5 s s62 v8 with a manual gear box and all harnesses ect over my straight 6 automatic, auto to manual conversion 530i e39 1996 2004 bmw 5 - not sure which box you re thinking of but the 530 came with a 5 speed only 6 speeds are in the v8s m3s or e46 on diesels none are an m54 fitment afaik though i m sure one could be persuaded to fit but you d be looking at custom props etc if you re doing it i d stick with e39 manual parts for simplicity