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comprehension and discussion activities for the movie - hotel rwanda is based on real characters and events that happened in rwanda in 1994 it focuses on the efforts of paul rusesabagina a hotel manager to hide hundreds of tutsi refugees from the interahamwe militia the real paul rusesabagina with don cheadle the actor who played him in hotel rwanda, hotel rwanda answer key helpteaching com - hotel rwanda answer key sample answer hotel rwanda can teach about the kind of conflict and severity of conflict that goes on in other countries and show how people can rise up and help stop it, hotel rwanda viewing 1 questions and answers practice - after belgium left rwanda hutus took revenge what is fedens telling paul at the hotel there will be a signal to go to war and that tutsis need to leave the country, hotel rwanda flashcards and study sets quizlet - learn hotel rwanda with free interactive flashcards choose from 113 different sets of hotel rwanda flashcards on quizlet, download hotel rwanda study guide with answers - download hotel rwanda study guide with answers etymology the name rwanda is derived from the rwanda rundi word rwanda meaning domain or literally an area occupied by a swarm, hotel rwanda film education - hotel rwanda is a powerful and moving film about the genocide in rwanda in 1994 terry george could have chosen to make a documentary about what happened but instead he focused on the story of paul rusesabagina manager at the belgian owned mille collines hotel in the capital kigali, hotel rwanda lesson plan study com - materials pass out the printable worksheet have students complete the questions independently then check the answers together play the clip from hotel rwanda where the hotel workers explain the conflict between the hutus and the tutsis to the reporters who are covering the story, lesson plan for hotel rwanda and sometimes in april - return to learning guide menu top the hotel depicted in hotel rwanda is the hotel mille collines it is still in operation today under new owners mille collines was also the name of the hate radio station rtlm radio television libre mille collines mille collines means a thousand hills in french, hotel rwanda study questions - hotel rwanda study questions what conversation takes place at the hotel bar does this strike you as odd or problematic in any way what event seems to precipitate the genocide how is this political historical context handled by the film what are paul s initial expectations of a western response to rwanda s crisis