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base station thales communications - the power boosting base station for the combat proven an prc 148 family of radios spuriousprovides a cost effective fixed site configuration, vehicle adapter thales communications - the compact rugged vehicle adapter va for the combat proven an prc 148 family of radios provides 20 watts of rf power amplification across the full 30 512, prc 6725 prc 139 prc68 com - background racal developed the prc 139 family of military squad radios that are the next generation after the prc 68 series of radios the air force scope shield ii program uses the prc 139 radio family the scope shield i program was based on the magnavox prc 128 radio family these use a replaceable module concept to allow three different frequency bands of operation, roip radio over ip vocality - technical notes flexibility form factors are available from desktop to rugged to rackmount chassis units offered with 2 4 8 12 16 20 24 48 and 64 channels silence suppression to reduce the amount of bandwidth used silence suppression can be enabled on the devices voice activation detection vad voice activation detection vad can be used to detect active audio packets on both, wired broadcast agile connectivity outside broadcast - the team james deadman sales and marketing managerjames drives sales at wired broadcast bringing deep commercial experience to understanding the needs of each customer helping customers solve difficult connectivity challenges while working with an agile team of experts is what motivates him, continuous tone coded squelch system wikipedia - in telecommunications continuous tone coded squelch system or ctcss is a circuit that is used to reduce the annoyance of listening to other users on a shared two way radio communications channel it is sometimes referred to as tone squelch it does this by adding a low frequency audio tone to the voice where more than one group of users is on the same radio frequency called co channel users, u s military portable radios greenradio de - u s military portable radios by alan d tasker wa1nyr atasker ix netcom com this is the story as best i can tell it of the progress that the u s military has made over the past sixty years in mainstream portable voice communications transmit and receive radios with a concentration on the later more convenient to use units i e scr 536 bc 611 and later scr 300 bc 1000 and later