Mulan Teaching Units -

lesson plan for the legend of mulan victory press - take advantage of the interest in disney s movie mulan to create a china based curriculum unit here are some links to help you get started about china following the great wall of china from the national endowment for the humanities this lesson plan is for grades 6 to 8 genghis khan in the movie mulan meets genghis khan but this was not true, mulan teaching units epub landconference org - mulan teaching units free ebooks mulan teaching units pdf comprehension and discussion activities for the movie november 18th 2018 the module consists of teacher s notes and three handouts that you can copy and give to your students mulan might have been a real person, comprehension and discussion activities for the movie - huns mulan destroys the hun army by firing a cannon at the mountain this causes an avalanche exercise b 1 f he decides to attack the imperial army 2 f they find out mulan is female when she gets an injury 3 t 4 t 5 f li shang chen po yao and ling go to rescue her 6 f he doesn t kill her because she saved his life, curriculum resources elementary ballad of mulan - classroom teacher facilitated weathering erosion winter wsc kindergarten activities classroom teacher facilitated characteristics of animal coverings winter classroom teacher facilitated nature lesson spring activity wsc second grade activities classroom teacher faciliated animal life cycle lesson fall, mulan lesson plans worksheets reviewed by teachers - find mulan lesson plans and teaching resources from the ballad of mulan worksheets to ballad of mulan videos quickly find teacher reviewed educational resources, mulan topics world china mythology teach with movies - mulan s father is old and infirm when the emperor calls upon each family to contribute a soldier to the army mulan s father is determined to answer the emperor s call to do anything else would bring dishonor on his name and his family mulan knows that if her father goes to war he will not survive, the ballad of mulan a close reading activity - they will ask and answer text dependent questions and will recount the events in the story using a story map students will determine the central message of the story and analyze mulan s actions thoughts and feelings and how they contribute to the sequence of events and ultimately the moral of the story