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amazon com writing fight scenes writer s craft - i ve been told i write good even great fight scenes but writers must be lifelong students of the craft so i bought this book by rayne hall i read it at one sitting it s that good, 10 tips for writing fight scenes writeonsisters com - writing a good fight scene has some of the same characteristics as writing a good love scene although hopefully it s not the hero and heroine battling with the haladie there must be a reason for the fight love scene it must carry the story forward, 5 quick tips for writing thrilling fight scenes writer s - 5 use writing style to enhance the fight the style of writing in a fight scene is extremely important things like sentence length paragraph breaks and punctuation can really affect the pacing and impact of a fight scene fight scenes are generally fast paced so this should be reflected in your writing style, blow by blow writing action and fight scenes 5 tips - if you as the writer have set up a character who knows how to fight and a story that promises action you darn well better deliver on that promise to me this line told me one thing the writer did not know anything about fighting and needed to get through the scene quickly, write a good fight writers in the storm - everyone loves a good fight and a good fight scene is arguably the heart of every thriller but as nyt bestseller james rollins says in fiction never use the same killing method twice in the same book as a result fiction writers are always looking for a new twist on a fight scene, a guide to writing fight scenes richie billing - this is a really thought provoking blog on how to approach writing fight scenes it is very tempting for young writers and new writers to make action scenes into anime or the matrix or the ani matrix, writing a fight scene this craft called writing - writing a fight scene it s been a long journey but i ve finally reached the last section of my novel cradlesnatch and what i need to do now is write a fabulous ending in an adventure story that usually means writing a kick ass fight scene, here s how to write a damn good fight scene - fight scenes are the single hardest character interaction to write many authors who know their craft in every other respect can t write a fight scene to save their or their hero s life happily there are a few devices you can use to ensure you write the kind of fight scene that grips a reader from start to finish